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Industrial production and uses of nanodiamonds and nanometals

Technologies adopted for the production of NanoDiamonds, NanoCeramics and NanoMetals are Controlled Detonation Synthesis (CDS) and Hot Plasma Jet Synthesis (HPJS)
For CDS, precursor material is immersed in specific gas medium in the reactor and super-high pressure is developed and controlled detonation is arranged to occur. This creates an explosion in closed volume making the precursor to get atomized. Atoms are thrown from the middle of reactor to the reactor walls and atoms are clusterized to form nanoparticles. During whole synthesis process a super-high pressure is maintained to enable the formation not only of different nano ceramics with unusual crystalline lattice, but also of cubic carbon nanoparticles (Nanodiamonds).

Usually hot plasma process is used to produce nanoparticles. Here precursor material is atomized in plasma arc to form clusters and then to nanoparticles. With additional plasma chemical conversion other material than precursor are formed optionaly. Special precautions are taken to get real nanocrystals containing different phaseand to exclude big agglomerate formation.

Stable suspensions of pure nanodiamonds and graphite nanomixture can be used for lapping and polishing applications in the fallowing cases. For nickel plated rigid memory disk, Al-rigid memory disk substrate, polycarbonate and CR-39 eyeglass lenses, precision ball bearings, optical and laser optical components, ceramics, orthopedic prostheses, honing microtome knives, metallic mirrors and precision metal polishing, lapidary materials, contact Lenses, ferrite surface preparation, mechanical seal lapping, superhard and soft nanoabrasives, polishing of PC hard disc, for diamond-like CDV, PECVD films, Ni-Diamond and Cr-Diamond electroplated hard coatings, molecular sieves, lubricant additive to engine oil, dry lubricants for metal industry, reinforcing fillers for plastics and rubbers.

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