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Nanotechnology in acupuncture

A company called Sig-Na Health Care Inc. markets needle free acupuncture health recovery chips, a patented composition silicon stone nanometer technology for treatment and recovery of various chronic pain and disease conditions.
The Health Recovery Chip’s silicon molecular construction employs cutting edge nanometer technology which allows for a much greater surface level of silicon to interact with the body’s energy meridians at the molecular level. The result is that health recovery chips are able to influence and adjust the cells of the body's acupuncture points. A chain reaction of the cells occurs which effectively balances the function of internal organs through the circulation and acupuncture channels. This creates a more energetic, vibrant and healthy person.
Basically, instead of sticking a needle into your acu-points, you just tape a stone on it. Apparently sprinkling some water on it first is an important step in the whole process so that water works Chips. Just take stone, sprinkle water on it and let it interact with the body’s energy meridians at the molecular level.
The company claims that patients with the diseases such as headache, chronic rhinitis, coronary diseases, hypertension, arteriosclerotic brain disease and premature beat were treated with the "Health Recovery Chip". Slipped disk, cervical hyperosteogeny, gonitis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, gout, acute lumbar sprain, cyclomastopathy, insomnia, infection in upper respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, facial palsy, eczema, acute urinary tract infection, acute gastro-enteritis and toothache can also be treated.

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