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Nanogold for face cream

Face cream using nanotechnology is available to safely deliver the power of pure gold. The product is Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Cream.
The cream has 24-karat gold nanoparticles. As a powerful, healing breakthrough, this extraordinary cream consistently replenishes skin's energy using nanotechnology to safely deliver the power of pure gold. By promoting cell metabolism and stimulation collagen production, skin retains optimal health and youthful vitality. The product's formula contains at least 70 ingredients, including various extracts (rosemary leaf, horse chestnut, algae, among others), pineapple juice, Shea butter, many flower oils (sunflower, jasmine) and acids such as benzoic, sorbic and citric and various other compounds to promote healthier, younger skin. The cream blends in easily and within seconds the smell vanishes.

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