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Nano Silver products

Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic Rollers
The latest innovation from Infiniti by Conair uses Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic technology to style hair quickly, minimizing heat damage and leaving hair less frizzy and more manageable. It only takes minuets to do hair. It is simple and safe to use for any types of hair. Instant Heat rollers can create any style, this technology not only heats rollers quickly but also holds heat while they work. The features are:
 Multi-sized for infinite styling
 Ionic Technology for less frizz and more manageability
 Instant Heat Hairsetter with 20 Flocked Rollers
 Even heat for less damage
 2-Minute Instant Heat Up
 12 Temperature Settings
 On/Off Switch with auto shutoff
Nano Silver Keyboard Skin for Laptop
It is made of Patented Nano Silver TPU, Anti Bacterial, Environmentally non-toxic material, Durable for millions of typing, Elastic and comfortable, Waterproof, Dustproof and Washable.
Nano Silver Ice pack
This is the ice pack that has antibiotic function with nano silver coating and it is effective in restraining from propagation of germs, sterilizing, deodorizing, keeping proper temperature in best condition. Used for cold transportation, cold storage and cold massage.
Nano Silver(Ag+) BristlesHair combs or brushes
It used Nano Silver technology. Produced with high-quality brush bristles for healthy hair. To accomplish this, brush bristles are made by mixing and processing Nylon 66 raw rnatei-ials and anti-bacterial Nano Silver materials. The Nano Silver Bushes help maintain healthy hair and protect the skin when used as hair dryer for blow-dry styling, releasing anions that are beneficial and prevent hair from being damaged and splitting.
See: www.conair.com/

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