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nano consumer products

Nano-gold and Nano-silver toothbrush
Through the use of highly advanced nano technology gold ha been added to the brush. This has an anti-bacterial effect and emits infrared rays, which are beneficial for oral care. The soft and thin brushes remove plaque from between teeth, between teeth and gums, or from small cracks, and softly massage the gums. The brushes cleanly remove fine plaque stuck on the teeth and the gums. This brush is good for those who have weak gums and cold-feeling teeth. The product is by E.Q & Tech Corp. Korea.
Cyclic Nano Silver Cleanser
Cyclic Nano Silver Cleanser exerts an exfoliating effect on the skin, allowing new, healthy skin to shine through. Usefull for normal abd oily skin, fights acne, eliminates or diminishes age spots. It is not a soap but it is a cleansing material with a scientifically balanced blend of Nano Silver and other premium naturally occurring ingredients that promotes the cleansing experience far superior to other cleansing products. It penetrating deep into the pores, cleaning them of dirt, excess oil, bacteria, and fungi, all of which are the major contributors to skin problems. It is a neutral aqueous solution, a structure of silver particles under 10nm combined with Si02 of 10~20nm or edible gelatin, which disperses in water uniformly and stably. See: www.conair.com
Nano-silver Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Steam Straightener
This professional high-heat steam straightener made by Conair combines ultra-high heat, 200ยบ C steam, nano-silver, ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology for 60% longer-lasting results and 30% faster styling. Steam locks in style with moisture for extra conditioning, added shine and longer-lasting styles, gently detangles hair using retractable detangling pins adjustable for different hair lengths. It has Nano-silver technology uniting microparticles of ceramic and silver for a unique combination of benefits that creates smooth, shiny, enhanced healthy hair. See: www.conair.com

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