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Some applications of nanotechnology

Molecular nanotechnology
The term nanotechnology is often used interchangeably with molecular nanotechnology (MNT), it includes the concept of mechanosynthesis and MNT is a technology based on positionally-controlled mechanosynthesis guided by molecular machine systems.
Nanotechnology in Electronics
Nanotechnology in Field of Electronics is applied for miniaturization and device density.
Nnanoparticles in future automobile
Nano-powders in paints for high gloss & durability, carbon nanotubes in windshields & frames to make them strong & lightweight, nano-scale metal oxide ceramic catalysts to almost eliminate emissions, nano polymer composites for lightweight high resistance bumpers and for fuel cells with nano-catalysts and membrane technologies.
Consumer products
Nanotechnology is used in consumer products such as: Cosmetics, sunscreens containing zinc oxide and titanium oxide nanoparticlesCarbon nanotubes, Nano polymer Composites for stain resistant clothing etc.
Health and medicine
Use of nanotechnology in health and medicine are:
Expanding ability to characterize genetic makeup will revolutionize the specificity of diagnostics and therapeutics-Nanodevices can make gene sequencing more efficient
•Effective and less expensive health care using remote and in-vivo devicesNew formulations and routes for drug delivery, optimal drug usage
•More durable, rejection-resistant artificial tissues and organs
•Sensors for early detection and prevention
Use of nanotechnology security
Very high sensitivity, low power sensors for detecting chem/bio/nuclear threats
•Light weight military platforms, without sacrificing functionality, safety and soldier security -Reduce fuel needs and logistical requirements
•Reduce carry-on weight of soldier gear-Increased functionality per unit weight
Safety of nanomaterials
Safety of nanomaterials should be considered for environmental impact, absorption through skin and respitory ailments. For example, there is evidence that carbon nanotubes cause lung infection in mice.

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