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Nanomaterials By Design

According to a report Prepared by Chemical Industry Vision2020 Technology Partnership Energetics, Incorporated, nanomaterials have generated tremendous interest because they present an opportunity to deliver unprecedented material performance. This opportunity is based on the unique properties (e.g.,magnetic, optical, mechanical, electronic) that vary continuously or abruptly with changes in the size of the material at the nanoscale (1 to 100 nanometers). These step-like changes in nanoscale properties suggest both enormous potential and challenges.
Nanomaterials By Design
The report says that the term Nanomaterials By Design refers to the ability to employ scientific principles in deliberately creating structures with nanoscale features (e.g., size, architecture) that deliver unique functionality and utility for target applications.
To date, understanding of nanoscale materials and their properties has been achieved primarily through empirical or discovery-based research. While this approach will continue to make important contributions, thefull understanding and development of nanomaterials will be accelerated by a systematic understanding of fundamentals (i.e., chemistry and physics). In addition, the broadest and most efficient commercialization of nanomaterials will be realized by taking nanoscience to the next level: deliberate, predictive designand manufacturing capability based on the application of newly establishedscientific principles and focused on end-use functions. Working at the nanoscale offers the opportunityto fully exploit design and to more directly create materials with functions and properties needed to solvespecific problems. This solution-oriented, “Nanomaterials By Design” approach will increase the efficiencyof materials development, dramatically accelerating the commercial introduction of beneficial products.

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