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Sites Dedicated to Nanotubes

Sites for nanotubes
• NASA: Use of Carbon Nanotubes in Space
• Rice University: Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
• Michigan State University: David Tomanek's Nanotube Page
• University of California at Berkeley: McEuen Group's Nanotube Site
• University of Oxford: Malcolm Green's Nanotube Group
• Walt de Heer's group at Georgia Tech: Physical properties of MWNT's
• Enzo Menna at CNR Padova: Nanotubes and Nanotechnology links
• University of Kentucky: Advanced Carbon Materials Science Research and Engineering Ctr.
• NASA JSC Nanotube Site
• NASA Carbon Nanotube Gallery
• NEC: Nanotubulite Project
• FHI Berlin: Tobias Hertel's Nanotube Research Site
• Australian National University in Canberra: Nanotubes produced by ball milling
• Universite Paris-Sud in Orsay: Fullerenes and Nanotubes (including nanotubes in zeolite and nanotube-based fibers)
• Oklahoma University: Large Scale Production of Single Walled Nanotubes (Daniel Resasco)
• CARAMEL Consortium, Sweden: Development of Nanotube-Based Nano-Electromechanical Devices (NEMS)
• Clemson University: Apparao Rao's Nanotube Research site
• Goteborg University, Sweden: Kim Bolton's page on computational nanotube research
• University of Tokyo: Shigeo Maruyama's Nanotube Site
• University of Helsinki: Ion irradiation of carbon nanotubes
• CNRS Nanotube Research Group: Brief nanotube review (French)
• IBM Nanoscale Science: Carbon nanotube page
• IBM Research: Towards a chip with carbon nanotube transistors
• LSI Theory group at Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France: Nanotube page
• University of Cambridge Engineering: Carbon nanotube webpage

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