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Nanotechnology for displays

One new area that is being intensively investigated is carbon nanotechnologies. The displays using these technologies are called field emission displays, or FEDs, which give better images at less cost and less energy than LCDs or PDPs. In the FED, the emitter device emits electrons using a process called quantum tunneling which is more energy-efficient than a CRT. A high voltage propels the emitted electrons across the vacuum gap, causing them to strike a phosphor-coated anode area, which in turn causes the phosphors to glow. Because the emitters do not require heating, many small emitters may be packed closely and a flat-panel display with viewing characteristics that resemble a CRT can be obtained. Carbon nanotubes are highly conductive and companies are now manufacturing substantial quantities of both single- and multiple-walled carbon nanotubes that are suitable for use as FED emitters.

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