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Nano Spray Dryer

The latest generation of instruments called the Nano Spray Dryer can generate particle sizes in the nano range. It can yield high quantities of material.
Spray drying is a gentle, continuous and scalable drying process to convert liquids to dry powders. The new Nano Spray Dryer is particularly suited to the needs of the pharmaceutical, biotech, material and nanotech markets, effective formulation of complex and valuable drugs and highly active pharmaceutical ingredients and nanoparticulates.
BUCHI Labortechnik AG in Flawil, Switzerland has developed an innovative piezoelectric atomizing technology for fine particles in the submicron range with narrow particle size distribution.
The Nano Spray Dryer B-90 is BUCHI’s 4th generation lab scale spray dryer and is particularly designed to evaluate spray drying during the early stages of product development.
The dryer has a novel electrostatic particle collector for highest yields of fine particles with modular glass assembly and visible spray process having short set-up times and simple cleaning and sterilization.
The manufacturer claims that only a minimal sample amount of high value product needs to be invested to receive a dry powder, the process adopts an efficient and fast process due to simple assembling, easy cleaning and fast product changes with minimal loss of high value products
Areas of application include nanoparticle suspensions / nanoemulsions, micro and nanoencapsulations / englobing, nanoparticle agglomerations, structural modifications, generation of nanoparticles with high recovery rates and spray drying of aqueous and organic solvent samples.
The latest application trends in pharmaceutical formulation and nanotechnology demonstrate the need for fine particles in small powder quantities and with very high yields.
The modular and flexible glass design makes it easy to spray dry a whole variety of applications and is ideal for feasibility studies in R&D laboratories where only milligrams of powder need to be dried.
See for details: http://www.buchi.com/

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