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Current nanotechnology applications

The following is an overall list of current nanotech logy applications:
1 Medicine
1.1 Diagnostics
1.2 Drug delivery
1.3 Tissue engineering
1.4 Smart drug
1.5 Synthetic bone
1.6 Biostructures
1.7 dressing
1.8 Bleeding arrester
1.9 Medical implants
2 Environment
2.1 Filtration
2.2 Heating, Cooling and Air
3 Energy
3.1 Reduction of energy consumption
3.2 increasing the efficiency of energy production
3.3 Batteries
3.4 Recycling of batteries photovoltaic cells
3.5 Fuel cells
3.6 fuel additives and Nanospheres in lubricants
3.7 Combustion catalyst
3.8 Fuel additives
4 Information and communication
4.1 Cameras and Film
4.2 Computer Hardware
4.3 Mobile Devices and Communications
4.4 Television
4.5 Video
4.6 Memory Storage
4.7 Novel semiconductor devices
4.8 Novel optoelectronic devices
4.9 Sunscreen
4.10 Displays
4.11 Quantum computers
5 Heavy Industry
5.1 Aerospace
5.2 Catalysis
5.3 Construction
5.3.1 Nanotechnology and constructions
5.3.2 Nanoparticles and steel
5.3.3 Nanoparticles in glass
5.3.4 Nanoparticles in coatings
5.3.5 Nanoparticles in fire protection and detection
5.3.6 cutting tools, paint
5.4 Vehicle manufacturing
5.4.1 Automotive Exterior
5.4.2 Automotive Maintenance & Accessories
5.4.3 Automotive Watercraft
6 Consumer goods
6.1 Foods
6.1.1 Nano-foods & detection of contaminants
6.1.2 Packaging film
6.1.3 Detection of contaminants
6.1.4 Vitamin drinks
6.1.5 Smart foods
6.1.6 Food Storage
6.1.7 Supplements
6.1.8 Fortification and modification of food
6.2 Household Cleaning
6.2.1 Home and Garden
6.2.2 Construction Materials
6.2.3 Home Furnishings
6.2.4 Luggage
6.2.5 Luxury
6.2.6 Pets
6.3 Optics
6.3.1 Large Kitchen Appliances
6.3.2 Laundry & Clothing Care
6.3.3 Health and Fitness
6.3.4 Personal Care
6.3.5 Basics Goods for Children
6.3.6 Toys and Games
6.3.7 Sporting Goods
6.4 Textiles
6.5 Cosmetics
6.6 durable
6.7 Agriculture
Few commercial products that use nanotechnology are:
Lenovo Think Station
Macintosh Pro
BMC Racing Four stroke FS01
Nikon Lenses
VECTEANA White Clear Mask C
SANYO Gentlemen's Coat
Swiss dent Nanowhitening Toothpaste
Greatest revenue is obtained for nanoparticles in many areas. Few areas are chemical-mechanical polishing, magnetic recording tapes, sunscreens, automotive catalyst supports, biolabeling, electro conductive coatings, optical fibers, non-volatile magnetic memory, automotive sensors, landmine detectors and solid-state compasses. Nanobots and nano technology can be used to create innovative non woven textiles teeming with military potential. They offer promise as light weight ballistic protection, wound sealing properties, vitals tracking, and environmental adaptation to heating, cooling, and porous to non-porous membranes that can react to weather.New nanotechnology consumer products are coming on the market at the rate of 3-4 per week, a finding based on the latest update to the nanotechnology consumer product inventory maintained by the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies (PEN). There are still a more. For a detailed list of nanotechnology products see the web site maintained by Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies.

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