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A nanorobot is essentially a machine at the nano meter or molecular scale composed of nano-scale components capable of actuation, sensing, signaling, information processing, intelligence and having swarm behavior.


The nanorobots are invisible to naked eye and hard to manipulate and work with. Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) can be employed to establish a visual and haptic interface to enable to sense the molecular structure of these nano scaled devices. The nanorobots or nano machine components are difficult to fabricate and control challenges. Such devices have to operate in microenvironments with physical properties different from those encountered by conventional parts.

Molecular machines

Molecular machines is to use various biological elements whose function at the cellular level creates motion, force or a signal as machine components and these components perform their preprogrammed biological function in response to the specific physiochemical stimuli but in an artificial setting. In this way proteins and DNA could act as motors, mechanical joints, transmission elements, or sensors. If all these different components were assembled together in the proper proportion and orientation they would form nano devices with multiple degrees of freedom, able to apply forces and manipulate objects in the nanoscale world.


The nanorobots can be used to manipulate matter at the nano scale. Other applications range from medical to environmental sensing to space and military applications. Nanorobots can find application in molecular construction of complex devices, precise drug delivery to repair cells and fight tumor cells.

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October 21, 2012 at 3:47 PM

These nanorobots can be a potentially dangerous things since the human eye can not see them. someway somehow someone will find a way to minipulate these nanorobots to either release a contagion such as anthrax if they can form enough to give a good enough effect, or possibly if man becomes advanced enough to compact the atomic bomb into a single particle, which is very probable, then we are looking at a much bigger threat on national security. nanorobots sound like a good idea RIGHT NOW but when china or japan gets pissed enough they will find a way to get back at us and then we are screwed.

Daniel Pieczonka said...
June 18, 2013 at 5:10 AM

Wow! That's something really cool - imagine yourself - a surgeries without a scalpel, curable diseases an ability to repair broken or ripped arms, legs etc just in few hours or even less by rebuilding and joining molecules in human body by the nano robots - I honestly regret that we're not living in that era yet. Nanotechnology at the moment is still a baby - but it's growing and already it's got a large field of usage (for instance checkout that nanotech news website as well - they're posting loads of good stuff there). So we can only wait now for the day it will come real and widely used

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