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Nanotechnology patents

Nanotechnology patents
Nanotechnology is the technology for the creation and use of materials or devices at extremely small scales. Nanotechnology already has a tremendous impact on everyday life, it is multidisciplinary in nature contributing immensely to industry and society. Plenty of patent applications have been filed on many discoveries, The following are few important key areas obtained from published literature on which application have been filed.
• Electronics: semiconductor memories, magnetic random access memories, flat panel display devices, quantum information processing, and molecular devices

• Optoelectronics: lasers, photonic crystals, optical devices, optical waveguides

• Medicine and biotechnology: drug deliveries, molecular detection method, and high resolution

• DNA detection method, applications of TiO2 to sun screening.

• Measurements and manufacturing: matrix screening methods, scanning probe microscope, and

• polymer processing method

• Environment and energy: fuel cell electrode, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, and lithium secondary cell.

• Nano materials: carbon nanotubes, organic nanotubes, nano-whisker, and oxide particles.

• self assembled nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanorings, nanowires, nanocomposites

• nanorobotic arm out of synthetic DNA

• biotech applications - molecular nanotechnology or molecular manufacturing

• nanoassemblers, nanocomputers, and nanochips along with molecular electronics

• Ultrasmall sensors, power sources, communication, navigation, and propulsion systems with very low mass, volume and power consumption

• use nanoparticles in sunscreens and cosmetics, in clothes to make them stain and wrinkle resistant, in bandage and in food additives into drinks

• Coatings, Self cleaning, anti-biofilm surfaces, anti-fire and secured coatings, thin coatings generating energy, stable nano paints, templates

• NEMS, Architectures, nano Integral Circuits etc.

• Colloids, anti-fair nanoFluids

• Nanopolymers and membranes, UV barriers

• Mechanically and temperature reinforced foils, packaging materials, nanoclays

• Hydrogen Fuel Cell & Other alternative nano approaches

• Nanocapsuled food items

• "smart" pesticides delivery, nano sensors

• Nanomotors and Nanomachines

• development of new catalysis agents, innovative fuel cells, and highly efficient solar energy conversion

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