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Nanotechnology to boost agriculture

Nano Green claims to have developed a Plant Tonic based on nanotechnology to boost agriculture. The nano Green tonic is has a uniform particle size of 8 angstroms to 4 nanometers. The following is the claim of M/s Nano Green Technology, Inc.
Working of Nano Green
This nano-scale break-through has made possible the creation of billions of micelles, which are activated to form what can best be described as a "super cleaner." Plants and trees, after being sprayed with Nano Green, experience an accelerated level of photosynthesis activity. This is most likely attributable to the nano-scale size of the cleansing molecules, which allows them to enter the stomata of a plant’s leaves, making them more efficient in utilizing the energy from the sun.
When applied to bare root stock, before planting, or after saturating the root structure when in place, Nano Green acts to stimulate new growth and development by dissolving NPK from the roots, thereby enhancing nutrient uptake. It also provides an element of nutrition when it is applied to the leaves, where it enters through the stomata and is accepted directly by the plant.
A second factor that contributes to these results is the presence of sodium in Nano Green. Sodium is a cation, which encourages and stimulates the movement of fertilizers and other nutrients from the soil into plant itself through its root system. To be more technical, cation is an atom or group of atoms carrying a positive electric charge to which the negatively charged anions are attracted. They attach themselves and hitch a ride into the plant. In other words, NA+ is a charged (sodium) transporter conveying nourishment directly to the plant. As a consequence of both these factors, the plant grows more rapidly, is healthier, stronger and better able to resist disease. Comparative field tests also confirm earlier and higher rates of germination, quicker flowering and increased overall crop size. What makes Nano Green so revolutionary is that it is able to achieve these results with an environmentally friendly, truly "green" non-polluting product. Made from FDA approved food stocks, Nano Green is completely non-toxic and non-hazardous. It has a very high biobased content and is completely bio-degradable over a 28 day period. The product is available from: Nano Green Technology, Inc.49036 Milmont DriveFremont, CA 94538, USA408-623-1792.

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