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Polymer nanofibers

Nanocomposite nanostructures such as elongated organic nanoparticles, nanowires and nanofibers, are used in many applications of sub-wavelength optical components like nanophotonics. As nanofiber these elements are embedded in optoelectronic architectures, including field-effect transistors and nanophotonic circuits for generating, guiding and amplifying light. The nanofibers have excellent emission properties in the visible and near infrared range.


Polymer nanofibers can be fabricated by different routes such as soft lithographies, polymerization methods and electro spinning which isa low cost and high throughput technology for producing nanostructures. To fabricate fibers, high-voltage electrospinning is a valued technique due to its simple operation, high yield, and morphology-controllable characteristics.

Electro spinning polymer solution can be used to obtain composite nanofibers with specific functionalities, such as photochromic behaviour, enhanced mechanical strength, improved biocompatibility and emission colour tunability.

Nanofiber composites

Conjugated polymer based and nanocomposites nanofibers can be prepared by blending several light-emitting conjugated polymers and by embedding low-molar mass dye molecules into optically inert thermoplastic matrices such as poly(methylmethacrylate). The incorporation of nanoparticles into polymers is a design approach that is employed in all areas of materials science. The broad technological exploitation of polymer nanocomposites is, however, stifled by the lack of effective methods to control nanoparticle dispersion.

Researchers of Case Western Reserve University have reported a simple and versatile process for the formation of homogeneous polymer/nanofiber composites based on the formation of a three-dimensional template of well-individualized nanofibers, which is filled with any polymer of choice. This template approach is broadly applicable and allows for the fabrication of otherwise inaccessible nanocomposites of immiscible components.


Nanofibers are used in light-emitting organic semiconductors. They can also be assembled in ordered structures, tubular membranes, aligned arrays, nanophotonics, including lasers, active waveguides, and devices relying on eventual electroluminescence properties such as nano-scale light-emitting diodes and transistors..

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