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Nanosilver foam condom

We know that nanosilver is used in air conditioners, washing machines and baby bottles,etc., but a condom made of nanosilver foam has been introduced in the market. Blue Cross Bio-Medical has introduced nanometer-silver and physical foaming, leading to a new type of condom that uses nanoscale silver foam. The condom for women, made by a Chinese company named Blue Cross uses the American nanosilver and physical foaming technology. The double-barrier, white and fine foam is sprayed internally to bring the effects of integration of conception control, antibiosis and lubrication into a whole.
The condom concentrate foam contains polyvinyl alcohol resin and nanosilver, the antibacterial material. Whether the foam condom has been approved by any recognized consumer safety or reproductive health organizations is not known. It needs to be used no more than five minutes before and then again immediately after sex. Thus a new type of condom that uses nanoscale silver foam seems to be a boon.

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