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Nanoparticles to avoid food spoilage and bad odor

Nanoparticles lengthen shelf life
Silver is used as an anti bacterial agent in certain medicinal ointments, kitchen and bathroom surfaces and even odor-resistant socks. Scientists have explored the use of silver nanoparticles as germ-fighting coatings for plastics, fabrics, and metals. Silver nanoparticles have a long lasting effect than larger particles.
Paper with nanosilver
The scientists have developed a paper that contains a coating of silver nanoparticles, which is a powerful anti-bacterial agent and helps preserve foods by fighting the bacteria that causes spoilage of food. Such a paper coated with silver nanoparticles could provide an alternative to common food preservation methods such as radiation, heat treatment and low temperature storage.
The scientists describe development of an effective, long-lasting method for depositing silver nanoparticles on the surface of paper that involves ultrasound, or the use of high frequency sound waves. The coated paper showed potent antibacterial activity against E. coli and S. aureus, two causes of bacterial food poisoning, killing all of the bacteria in just three hours and thus promote longer shelf life.
Nanoparticles eliminate odors
Consumers use a wide range of materials to remove undesirable odors in clothing, pets, rooms, and kitchen. Most common household air fresheners mask odors with pleasing fragrances, but do not eliminate the odors from the environment. Deodorizing substances absorb smells using activated carbon and baking soda. But these substances do not completely absorb the chemicals which create the odor. Scientists are reporting on development of a new approach for dealing with offensive household and other odors, one that doesn't simply mask odors like today's room fresheners. Their research found that a deodorant made from nanoparticles eliminates odors at the source up to twice as effectively as today's gold standard. The material consists of nanoparticles of silica coated with copper having high surface area which has well-established antibacterial and anti-odor properties. Tests conducted against ethyl mercaptan which is used in natural gas to give an unpleasant odor, showed that nanoparticles were up to twice as effective as the gold standard activated carbon in removing the bad odor.

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