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Electrochemistry Cell - add on to AFM

Asylum Research, the technology leader in Scanning Probe and Atomic Force Microscopy (SPM/AFM), has announced the new Electrochemistry Cell (EC Cell) for its MFP-3D™ AFMs. The EC Cell is a versatile platform for electrochemical experiments combined with AFM imaging. The EC Cell accommodates samples (working electrodes) of various sizes, including metal cylinders, flat conducting samples, and even conducting thin films on insulating substrates, and enables studies of deposition, oxidation, corrosion, and mass transfer of metals and other materials. Nanoscale topographical changes can be precisely monitored in situ as induced by electrochemical reactions. The cell provides for heating from ambient to 60°C (optional) and can be operated in a fully sealed configuration. The instrument has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Richard Compton of the University of Oxford (UK) to conduct electrochemical experiments and, simultaneously, develop images of the changes occurring to the sample.
See for details and contact: Director Marketing Communications or Marketing/Business Development, Asylum Research, 6310 Hollister Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA, 93117805-696-6466x224/227 Terry@AsylumResearch.com, Monte@AsylumResearch.com

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