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Nanosilver personal products

Silver has been recognized as one of the most efficient germicides known and nanosilver can be used efficiently as an antimicrobial in medicines, filters, clothing and personal hygiene products. Using nanosilver plenty of personal and house hold articles have come into the market from China, Taiwan, Korea and other countries.
Nano silver fabric softener
A fragrance capsule fabric softener is built in that give fragrance relaxation with aroma. The aroma scent inside the capsules comes up whenever there is movement, makes the fragrance to last longer and subtle aroma of perfume relieves stress. Coats each and every yarn of the fabric with softening property, removes static, reduces residual laundry detergent , removes wrinkles, makes ironing easier and it gives better result when used on innerwear.
Inflatable boots keeper
Nano silver boots keeper is an antibiotic inflatable boots keeper, Inflatable balloon to keep boots straight and clean. Nano silver is coated on surface for antibiotic and deodorizing function.
Nano silver acupuncture needle
This medical equipment uses strong sterilizing effect of nano silver against disease-causing bacteria. This is because nanosilver (Ag+) has exceptional germicidal power to make numerous vesicles to easily take in oxygen and decompose bacteria. These oxygen atoms eventually oxidize and remove the harmful bacteria. Nano silver block the necessary hydrogen supply needed for virus metabolism. These chemical compounds kill virus without having harmful effect to human beings.This acupuncture silver needle is plated with nanosilver on its body and handle as well as its case in order to ensure its maximum sanitation.
Nano Silver Tub Cover
This exhibits new qualities like antibacterial, sterilization, odor removing and block electron wave etc.
This quilted cloth has magnetic quilt which is light and well-ventilated, made of wool to keep warm in winter and cool in summer. But can be used in all seasons. It contains magnet and nano material to help activation of blood, physical alkalinization and antibacterial effect. Negative ion radiated from Nano material is effective on air clearing. Magnets are arranged to fit human body to revitalize ion-activity of CA, Na, K in the blood, which helps the removal of waste materials in blood vessel, increase of oxygen in blood.this is recommended for chronic fatigue, backache and headache.
Nano-Silver Foam Condom
A Chinese company called Blue Cross Bio-Medical is offering a foam condom for women made with silver “nanotech” particles. The female spray-on condom comes in a can with a plastic applicator. After the foam spray is squirted into the vagina it creates a physical membrane preventing conception and protecting against infection.
Nano Silver Beauty Soap
This is a China product Nano Silver ingredient contained in the soap sterilizes bacteria in the skin while washing.
Nano Silver Military Socks
Military socks have more complex requirements and all kinds of military socks and made out of wool / cotten / arcylic / nylon.
Nano Silver Milk Bag
This is freezer safe, pre-sterilized, keep even breast milk fresher longer, antibacterial, antifungal, and deodorizing effects.
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