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Nanogold to treat HIV

Treating HIV

Researchers at North Carolina State University claim that gold nanoparticles can be used to restore a failed HIV drug called TAK779, found as a useful therapy in the early nineties, but could not administer due to its severe side effects.
The reason
The ammonium salt present in that drug has been a main cause of harmful side effects, but could not reducing it as it would make the drug useless against HIV by disabling the resulting molecule to bind to the virus tightly. But by using gold nanoparticles the efficacy of the drug has been found to improve.
Gold nanoparticles
The researchers claim that they have found the drug-gold nanoparticle combination to be effective enough to prevent HIV from infecting lab-cultured white blood cells. They demonstrated that when each nanoparticle was equipped with nearly 12 drug molecules, the drug worked as effectively against HIV like the original drug without side effects. When a small passive molecule was conjugated with gold nanoparticle it becomes a good inhibitor of HIV. Researchers claim that a virus-killing drug attached with antiviral drug and a glucose molecule to the nanoparticles could be transported across the blood-brain barrier which has not been possible before.

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