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Nano Silver household products

Here is a brief list of household items which utilizes the beneficial effects of nanosilver as claimed by the manufacturers/suppliers.
Fruit Nano Silver Chopping/Cutting Board (Hana Living Co., Ltd.)
Nano Silver ensures 99.9% sterilization of raw material, durability and hygiene, not harmful to the human body. The board has superior elasticity prevents abrasion from a sword cut. Available in various sizes and made of transparent material in siver or as mini. It is a deodorization and sterilization by natural sterilizer phytoncide and is easy to cut fruits or small food, it can withstand 140 deg.C
Nano Silver Ice pack (Balloonstix Korea Co., Ltd., Beijing Yushunfeng Trading Co.,Ltd.)
It is a sports and recreational equipment. This ice pack that has antibiotic function with nano silver coating and it is effective in restraining from propagation of germs, sterilizing and bad odor, and keeping proper temperature in best condition. Use: Cold transportation, Cold storage and cold massage.
Nano Silver(Ag+) Bristles (SANG SHIN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.)
This hair combs or brushes are produced using nano silver technology. These high-quality brush bristles are produced by mixing and processing Nylon 66 raw materials and anti-bacterial nano silver materials. The Nano Silver Bushes help in maintain healthy hair and protect the skin when used as a hair dryer for blow-dry styling, releasing anions that are beneficial, and prevent hair from being damaged and being split.
The nano healthcore pillow is made to accommodate height to human body, has finger pressure effect with great ventilation. Magnetic effect helps to activate blood circulation, radiate negative ion in great quantities and gives anti-bacteria effect. This pillow blocks harmful underground water wave using Cu plate, gives excellent remedy for spine Inner structure.
This belongs to rugs and mats category. Nano health power mat provides superior far-infrared ray heating effect, gives natural negative ion and magnetic effect, prevent harmful Dioxin from radiating, blocks harmful underground water wave using Cu plate, blocks harmful electronic wave using non-magnetic heat wire.
see: http://www.gobizkorea.com/blog/ProductView.do?blogid=balloonstix&id=921268

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