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workshop on Nanotechnology for Water

workshop on Nanotechnology for Water
Date: Tue 15 Feb 2011 - UCL, London

Water treatment encompasses a range of engineering and technological processes and is of increasing importance worldwide due to increasing population, sources drying up and contaminants and increasing problems. Water is also a vital part of many industrial processes for producing chemicals and consumer products such as food and drink. Nanotechnology can enable a number of new approaches in water treatment, from nanosensors for quality control, tracers for effluent, purification technologies, catalysts, filters, and desalination etc.


NanoKTN's upcoming "Nanotechnology for Water" workshop will deal with ways in which nanotechnology could possible provide advanced solutions for water treatment and purification such as filtration and desalination.The agenda will be to address environmental challenges and the role of nanotechnology in remediation of water and air. The launch event will also aim at nanotechnology-awareness in the supply chain. The first part of the workshop is designed to raise the awareness about the possibilities offered by nanotechnology.


The workshop will attract a variety of industry sectors like water utilities, chemical processing, and pharmaceuticals, among others. The workshop will be attended by experts from the water industry, environmental industries and research communities and will have presentations from organizations such as Water UK, Anglian Water, Proaqua, IWA and some universities such as Aberdeen, Brighton and Bristol.
For details see: https://ktn.innovateuk.org/web/nanotechnology-for-water

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