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Tabletop SEM by Hitachi

Hitachi has released a tabletop SEM, TM-3000. It is providing the power of electron microscopy with the simplicity of a digital camera and is an invaluable tool for researchers in all fields of science and engineering. It is easy to use and can be installed in any environment. The TM3000 makes maintainance and use easier and affordabile and has more powerful investigative tools (Low kV imaging, higher mag and 4 imaging modes) making the TM3000 the most powerful tabletop SEM available.
Optional accessories supplied include:-
EDS chemical microanalysis with mapping capability
- Stage motorization
- Tilt & Rotate stage
- Heating/Cooling and Tensile stages
The TM3000 has a new range of Energy Dispersive X-ray Micro-analysers (EDS) allowing detection of light elements from Boron (Z-5) up to Uranium (Z-92) and beyond. The new EDS system provides comprehensive analytical capabilities, allowing fast and accurate elemental analysis at the touch of a button.
The EDS system functionality includes
- Point & Area Analysis, qualitative and semi-quantitative analysis. Spectrum overlays allow spectrum comparison
- EDS Mapping and EDS Linescans (with multiple element map overlays) allowing immediate confirmation of elemental distribution across the sample
- All results are reported in Weight %, Atomic Weight % and Weight %
- Full spectrum X-ray data is collected, including deadtime corrected data, from every pixel in the image to facilitate accurate linescan and map reconstruction. This allows the linescan or EDS map for any element to be selected either during or after acquisition.

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