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Nanotechnology benefits

There are several nanotechnologies most likely to benefit the developing world in the near future. They are related to energy storage, production, and conversion; agricultural productivity enhancement, water treatment and remediation and diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Brazil, India, China and South Africa have significant nanotechnology research initiatives that could address the needs of the developing world but breakthroughs in the health sector is presently benefiting a small section of people and hence responsible development of nanotechnology must include benefits for people in both rich and poor nations and at relatively low cost. This also requires that careful attention be paid to possible risks nanotechnology poses for human health and the environment. Few benifits are:
Carbon nanotubes could be used to repair brain material by keeping in contact with neuronal cell membranes to create shortcuts that generate neural excitation. This observation raises the hope of using nanotubes to repair certain lesions affecting the nervous system.
A process using recent findings conducted in the field of nanotechnology has been used to produce new metal surfaces. It provides medical implant-quality helping to facilitate healing and acceptance of metallic prostheses in the human body. The results of this study, the surfaces can stimulate cells directly, which eliminates the need to avoid certain drugs and, at the same time, side effects. This innovative approach could ultimately lead to the development of smart materials that not only would be accepted easily by the human body but, again, respond actively to the surrounding biological environment.
Nanomaterials possess various new properties and their industrial use creates new opportunities, but they also present new risks and uncertainties. Growing production and use of nanomaterials result in an increasing number of workers and consumers exposed to nanomaterials. This leads to a greater need for information on possible health and environmental effects of nanomaterials.

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