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Investment areas in nanotechnology

The world of nanotech investing has changed dramatically in the past few years. Small ventures have left. Few leaders of small business have strengthened their positions. There is sizable commercialization of nanoscale science and technology ventures. There is remarkable progress in life sciences, alternate energy, electronics etc., due to commendable progress in the fundamental innovations mostly due to the development of precise control of material properties at the molecular level. The important discoveries in the nanotubes, nanowires and nanoparticles have helped the development of high value applications like batteries, solar PV and drug delivery systems.
There are many nanotech products finding way in the market in 2010. Few example are quantum dot LED backlight for consumer electronics devices, application of rare earth metals such as Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) for touch screen devices found in mobile phone and tablet computers. Nano-imprint lithography machines for making hard disk and semiconductor manufacture are already in the market.
Application of nanophotonics for the integration of complex optics and electronics into a single nanoscale chip, nanoscale catalysts to convert coal into clean liquid jet fuel, energy storage devices such as batteries and ultra-capacitors, additive for lithium ion battery anodes to improve capacity by more than 30%, material to reduce cost for flexible thin-film solar photovoltaics are also in the market. Nanotechnology gives biological researchers a whole new understanding of how the human body works and how we can treat disease better. The field of RNAi is hot in the scientific world and has tremendous potential leading to billions of dollars worth of research output. It is believed that there is a huge challenge in being able to deliver RNAi and protect it from the body’s natural defense mechanisms. Many believe that nanotechnology is the best bet to be able to solve this critical problem.
Drug delivery is one of the top most applications of innovative nanobiotech research for the delivery of significant medicinal payloads directly into cancerous tumors, without affecting the rest of the body from the toxic effects associated with standard treatment. Another nano-enabled consumer product is the multi-gigabit wireless home networking system between consumer devices.

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