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Nanotechnology helps clean shaving

For personal hygiene and grooming, Panasonic has developed a Vortex shaver with Nanotech blades, in wood and gold accents, sporting wet/dry technology, Hydra Clean system, Pivot Action Selector and Turbo Cleaning Mode.
Panasonic has broken the rules of shaving by introducing very sharp blades in their shavers, by adding Nano Technology, to make them even more precise and accurate. Unlike the conventional shavers, which offer a range of 45 to 90 degree-blades, this Vortex shaver comes with the sharpest blade angle at 30 degrees.
The shaver has an adjustable pivoting head moving in any direction following the contour of the user’s face and adjusts the amount of pivot based on the personal preference with the Pivot Action Selector for a comfortable shave.
A linear motor runs at 13,000 RPMs and offers a frictionless, clean shave. At, it's one of the fastest razors on the market and powers effortlessly through even the thickest beards for less pulling and irritation while shaving. Not only does this shaver perform well, it is also a work of art, its ergonomic design being highlighted by the wood and gold colored accents, while the chrome colored cleaning/charging base is elegant enough to be left out on the vanity.
The Vortex is fully immersible in water for a great shave in or out the shower. It can be used to shave wet with lather or dry for a quick trim and after shaving, it has to be rinsed clean under water. A hydra clean dock is an intelligent cleaning system which includes automatic charge, clean and dry functions, which can be used together or independently.

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