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Nanotech avoids wind shield wiper in vehicles

The wiper system is one feature that hasn’t changed much in vehicles. But nanotechnology has a solution to get rid of it completely. An Italian designer named Leonardo Fioravanti has designed a car prototype featuring a windshield that removes water and dirt without the need of a wiper. His idea is to take the modern windshield’s features (mainly, laminated safety glass made out of two sheets of glass with a plastic layer in between), and add nanotech properties to it and then activating the system through an electric currency.
In the prototype, four sheets of nanotech-enabled sheets are grouped together, alternately filtering the sun and repelling water (the function of the exposed sheet of glass), moving the dirt to the sides of the windshield (through a magical-sounding nano-dust film), which is then activated by a third protective conduit layer, and is finally powered by a conduct of electricity in a fourth layer that makes the whole thing work.

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wheel balancers said...
April 22, 2011 at 6:46 PM

Regardless of which windshield wiper you choose, it's best to change your wipers after 6 months. Very few wipers can go 12 months without signs of deterioration, with most not making it past 9 months. The most common signs of wear showed up as streaks on the windshield, which lowers your visibility as you drive and makes driving hazardous.

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