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Bangalore Nano - views

The third Bangalore Nano 2010 was organized by The Department of IT, BT and S&T, Government of Karnataka under the guidance of Vision Group on Nanotechnology. The following are the views of the speakers.
Nanotechnology is set to pave the way for a revolution in materials, information and communication technology (ICT), medicine, genetics, electronics, energy, environment and agriculture.
Many noted speakers said that nano technology has the ability to enhance the efficiency of various processes in energy production. As a substitute to naturally available fuels, nano technology can enhance alternative energy resources and efficiently tapping energy from wind, gases, solar cells etc. Many application areas of nanotechnology can benefit energy sector, whether it is nano optimized fuel cells or efficient solar cells. In energy storage, reducing transmission losses, and reducing consumption, nanotechnology can play a vital role. Cost reduction in the production of renewable energies is another thrust area for nano technology.
Nanotechnology is being used in the hi-tech-strategy of Germany in many fields from energy production to energy utilization. Nano is a cross-cutting technology, which can address many global issues. The global market for nanotechnology-based manufactured goods is projected to be valued at $1.6 trillion by 2013.

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