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Synthetic 'gene-like' crystals for carbon dioxide capture

UCLA chemists report on creating a synthetic "gene" that could capture heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions, which contribute to global warming, rising sea levels and the increased acidity of oceans. A three-dimensional, synthetic DNA-like crystal has been created by combining organic and inorganic units for codings information in a DNA-like manner by UCLA chemists. It is not so sophisticated as DNA, but it is new in the field of chemistry and materials science. The discovery could lead to cleaner energy and capture of carbon dioxide will be easy for factories and automobiles which emit highest carbon dioxide. Scientists say that the finding will be important for potentially getting to a viable carbon dioxidecapture material with ultra-high selectivity. Further they feel optimistic about the technology and feel that they could create a material that can convert carbon dioxide into a fuel, or a material that can separate carbon dioxide with greater efficiency.

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