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nano clay applications

Types of nano clay
Sigma-Aldrich produces and markets the following : Halloysite nanoclay, Nanoclay, hydrophilic bentonite, Nanoclay, surface modified containing 0.5-5 wt. % aminopropyltriethoxysilane, 15-35 wt. % octadecylamine, surface modified containing 25-30 wt. % methyl dihydroxyethyl hydrogenated tallow ammonium, surface modified containing 25-30 wt. % octadecylamine, surface modified containing 25-30 wt. % trimethyl stearyl ammonium, surface modified containing 35-45 wt. % dimethyl dialkyl (C14-C18) amine.
The demand of nano clay is very high in the high polymer composite material market. Nano clay can also be applied in various kinds of resins, painting, thermal insulation material, plastic and ceramic materials to enhance functions and value. Nano clays provide excellent heat/ sound /electricity insulation and acid-proof function. nano clays offer high strength to the finished products.
High wear -resistant , good durability
Heat stability
Excellent flame retard property
Low viscosity, excellent dispersing, great fluidity
Control gloss effectively

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