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Medical nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the development and engineering of nanoscale devices with contribution from many different disciplines, including physics, chemistry, engineering, information technologys, material science, as well as biology. Presently nanotechnology is being applied in almost every field including electronics, magnetics, optics, information technology, materials development and biomedicine.
Medical nanotechnology
Nanotechnology has been a great boon in medical field for delivering drugs to desired specific cells using nanoparticles like block co-polymers and others. They form micelles for drug encapsulation by holding small drug molecules. Nanotechnology applications include the use of precisely engineered materials to develop novel therapies and devices inorder to reduce toxicity as well as enhance the efficacy and delivery of treatments. The overall drug consumption and side-effects can be lowered significantly. The application of nanotechnology specifically to cancer treatment can lead to many advances in the prevention, detection, and treatment for reducing costs and human suffering. The first nanotechnology-based cancer drugs that have passed regulatory scrutiny and commercially available are Doxil® and Abraxane®.
Future medical nanotechnology
Nanotechnology developments in the future medical field will have a wide variety of applications which will save humamity suffereing from illness. Developments have already been made to use nanotechnology from passive structures to active structures through more targeted drug therapies termed as “smart drugs.” They have fewer side effects and cure more effectively than conventional therapies. It is believed that in the future, nanotechnology will also aid in the formation of molecular systems that
may be strikingly similar to living systems. This development could be the basis for the regeneration or replacement of limbs that are presently lost by infection or accident. This fact will have a great significance in the future and will definitely encourage nanotechnology research and development. If this trend continues, a number of products will emerge to get the approval of FDA as new nanotechnology medical applications are developed.

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