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Silver and gold nanoparticles

There are different forms of gold and silver nanoparticles made commercially. They are of many sizes and shapes which include spheres, cubes, plates, cubes, triangles, flakes and rods with many surface coatings (e.g. silica) and fluorescent shelled gold and silver nanoparticles, Silver nanoparticles in the form of unaggregated solutions of high purity haver anti microbial properties, high electrical conductivity and unique optical properties.Silver nano Paste is made of silver nanoparticles, which are uniformly dispersed in polar or non-polar solvent with high solid content havinfg excellent ink stability for long term storage. The silver paste can be well applied to conventional and new printing methods such as silk screen, gravure, flexography, and micro-contact printing methods. Silver nano paste finds wide application in Plasma Display Panel Electrodes, Radio Frequency Identification, Flexible Printed Circuit Board, electromagnetic interference, Solar Cell, other Flexible Display and Printed Electronics.Gold nanoparticles in the form of spherical Colloids, polycrystalline at concentrations of 0.05 mg/ml are excellent for functionalization and are used in a multitude of applications. The gold can be deposited onto manganese oxide by means of vacuum-UV laser ablation and when irradiated, it dislodges gold particles through evaporation. These gold particles have unusually high energy, and allow them to drive relatively deep into the surface of the manganese oxide. This effectively removes volatile organic compounds as well as nitrogen and sulfur oxides from air at room temperature.Gold clusters have been shown to exhibit intrinsic fluorescence that varies with the size of the cluster. Intrinsically fluorescent gold nanoclusters of less than 4 nm. displayed less photobleaching than organic fluorophores and successful conjugations with PEG, PEG-biotin, and streptavidin were achieved. They have been used to specifically label endogenous biotin of HepG2 fixed cells. PurityPurity of Silver and Gold nanoparticles is ensured during formulation by extensively washing so that the solution is free from residual reactants to ensure that the response is due to the nanoparticles themselves and not a contaminant.

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