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Nanotech based cosmetic products

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles have a comparable UV protection property as the bulk material, but lose the cosmetically undesirable whitening as the particle size is decreased. In anti wrinkle cream and hair conditioner a polymer capsule is used to transport active agents like vitamins to improved care power. UV absorbers based on nanoparticulate zinc oxide incorporated in sun creams filter the high-energy radiation out of sunlight. Because of their tiny size, they remain invisible to the naked eye and so the cream is transparent on the skin. Some of the potential impacts from dermal exposure to nanoscale materials include the following: (1) enhanced amount and depth of penetration of active ingredients in cosmetics into the skin resulting in increased activity; (2) ingredients that are chemically unstable in air and light such as retinol and Vitamin E may be more readily used in topical products following encapsulation in nanoparticles and, (3) timed release of ingredients may become more feasible in topical products and could allow for improved effectiveness equivalent to current controlled release of orally administered drugs. However, the potential usefulness of nanoparticles in cosmetic products is not fully understood at this time because it is not clear to what extent these nano-sized systems can penetrate the skin.

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