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Nanoparticles for Novel/Smart Materials

Nanoparticles prepared for making polycrystalline semiconductors are used in making novel/smart materials:
1. Advanced electroceramic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, varistors, thermistors, back-to-back Schottky barrier diodes, electrochemical sensors, etc.
2. Multi-layer devices for large energy handling purposes
3. Passivating coating materials for semiconductor-to-semiconductor as well as ceramic-to-ceramic and/or glass-ceramic joining
These devices exhibit improved homogeneity and compaction via microstructures and better control on the surface morphology and porosity. Devices achieved via nano-meter size particles provide reduced non-Debye (non-ideal) conduction process.
Making polycrystalline composites
Nano-meter powders are prepared using conventional grinding or attrition or ball-milling processes. Powders are pressed and sintered at elevated temperatures such as 1000°C or above. Heterogeneous hybrids and several types of polycrystalline composites are achieved via these processing steps.

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