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Cost of commercial nanotubes

SWNTs prepared by the electric arc method purity 40-60%, price $50/gram,

Processed AP-SWNTs containing lower carbonaceous and catalyst related impurities purity 70-90%, price $ 400/gram,

Purified SWNTs with high carboxylic acid content 80-90%, price $ 400/gram,

Water soluble SWNTs functionalized with poly m-aminobenzene sulfonic acid (PABS) price $ 1500/gram

Coiled multi-walled carbon nanotubes, Purity: more than 60%, Outside diameter: 100-200 nm, Length: 1-10 um,SSA: more than 50 m2/g, price $70/g

Multi-walled nanotubes Purity: 95+%, Amorphous carbon: less than3%, , Ash: less than1wt%, Outside diameter: 50-100 nm,Inside diameter: 5-10 nm, Length: 5-10 um price $120/25g

Multi-wall nanotubes purity 99+%, outside dia less than 8-15 nm price Euro 700/100g

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