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Nanotechnology for textiles

The present development of textile market is connected with an ever increasing demand for new
functionalities for highly specific applications. At the same time, the industrial supply has been restricted to only a few types of synthetic fibers. Given that background, surface modification became one of the most important topics to create new textiles. Beside other techniques, the functionalisation of fibers by making use of concepts of the nanotechnology is being done for several years. Coatings based on nanosols and inorganic-organic hybrid polymers, derived from sol-gel process, have an immense potential for creative modifications of surface properties and can be applied with a comparatively low technical effort and at moderate temperatures. The coatings often combine properties of organic polymers with those of ceramic materials. Therefore those hybrid polymers are of an enormous interest for technical textiles. Coatings of a thickness of less then one micron can act as effective barriers against chemical attacks, super-repellent surfaces can be created, or the wear-resistance of textile materials can be improved.

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