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Products utilising nanosilver technology

Products utilising nanosilver technologies include dietary supplements, spray-on disinfectants, anti-odor textile materials, appliances for laundry and clothing care, large kitchen appliances, heating, cooling and air circulation devices, automotive maintenance and filtration accessories, exterior parts, tires, coatings, fabric thread, powder, colloid, electronic and computer parts, cameras and film, video and other luxury objects, mobile devices, communication and computer hardware, television display, food and beverages, cooking and storage food supplements, goods for children such as toys and gaming devices, health and fitness products for personal care, sporting goods clothing, cosmetics, sunscreen, home and garden items such as paints, home furnishings, cleaning and construction materials, hardware, pet's bedding/pillows, medical application aids such as dressings, instruments, devices with prolonged contact with the body, hospital hardware, hospital supplies, pharmaceuticals, sanitary hardware, devices for cleaning applications and many more.

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