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Nanotechnology for batteries

The most common rechargeable batteries such as lithium-ion batteries have limitations in efficiency and life cycle. When batteries are constructed with nanoscale materials surface area to volume ratio will increase power density to battery size. The efficiency of battery is partially dependent on the diffusion distance between oppositely charged nodes. Nanostructured materials can reduce this diffusion distance. This condition along with hydrophilic inorganics in the electrolyte polymers increases battery efficiency dramatically. Prototype battery is available that has three times the capacity of conventional batteries and can be fully charged in six minutes and the active life is extended upto 25 years as against two years for the conventional batteries. In such batteries chemicals released during disposal are neutralized. Nanotechnology in battery production will revolutionize the industry of hybrid cars. Battery technology using CNTs to produce “printable” sheets of batteries and using viruses to self assemble battery components are also expected to come up.

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