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Nanotechnology educational tools and resources

Nanotechnology educational tools and resources
1. nanoHUB Extensive library of nano-related interactive online simulations and educational resources such as tutorials, seminars, and online courses.
2. Topographic visualization unitEducational tool develped at Cornell University's Center for Nanoscale System. Based on Lego bricks and a laser, it helps students understand the principles of AFM by sensing and mapping an invisible surface. Available for purchase through West Hill Biological Resources.
3. AFM Simulation SoftwareApplications by Dr. Joe Griffith model various aspects of a scanning probe microscope. The programs allow the user to change various parameters to visualize the SPM's response.
4. Force Curve SimulationsThree movies simulating AFM force curves are available for on-line viewing on the site of the Interface Physics Group in M√ľnster.
5. National Center for Learning and TeachingEstablished at Northwestern University. The center's mission is to "develop the next generation of leaders in NSE teaching and learning." Activities include curriculum development and testing, professional development, outreach, and on-line resources.
6. NanoStudent Web site dedicated to bringing together educational resources, tutorials, and opportunities related to nanotechnology and MEMS.

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