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Nanopowders are powders composed of nanoparticles having an average diameter below 50 nanometers and many a time below 30 nm. True nanoparticles exist as free to move relative to each other and accordingly when not in liquid suspension resemble like smoke particles. This can be imagined physically that, a jar of a true nanopowder when emptied from one meter height to toward the ground will disperse into the air before reaching the floor. It is said that most manufacturers of “nanopowders” produce micropowder assemblies of nanoparticles but the powder itself is rarely a nanopowder. A complex nanopowder is a nanopowder where each individual particle is composed of a complex chemical compound. Such compounds have two or more different cations (positively charged elements) in their chemical formula. An example of a complex compound is calcium titanate (CaTiO3). For every application of nanopowders having simple (single cation) composition, there can be more than 100 applications for nanopowders having complex composition (multi cation). A small list of commercially available nanopowder compositions is as below:
Aluminum titanate Al2TiO5
Barium aluminum titanate Ba1.23Al2Ti5.54O16
(11) Barium copper oxide BaCuO2
(212) Barium calcium copper oxide Ba2CaCu2O5
(23) Barium copper oxide Ba2Cu3O5
(223) Barium calcium copper oxide Ba2Ca2Cu3O5
Barium strontium titanium oxide BaSrTi2O6
Calcium titanate CaTiO3
Calcium zirconium titanium oxide CaZrTi2O3
Cadmium tungsten oxide CdWO4 Cerium aluminate CeAlO3
Copper aluminate CuAl2O4
Iron nickel oxide FeNiO4
Lanthanum chromite LaCrO3
(lanthanum chromium (III) oxide LaCrO3)
Lanthanum manganite LaMnO3
(lanthanum manganese (III) oxide LaMnO3)
Lanthanum substituted lithium titanate (LaLi3)TiO3
Nickel cobalt oxide NiCoO2
Strontium bismuth niobium oxide SrBi2Nb2O9
Strontium ferrite SrFe12O19
Strontium vanadium substituted niobium oxide Sr2(Nb,V)2O7
Yttrium aluminum oxide Y3Al5O12
Yttrium iron oxide Y3Fe5O12
Zinc iron oxide ZnFe2O4
Zinc titanium oxide ZnTiO3
Zirconium titanium Iron(III) aluminate ZrTi3FeAlO7
Zirconium titanium aluminate ZrTi2Al2O5

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nano said...
January 8, 2013 at 4:11 AM

good article. nanopowders are found normally in crystal form. when nanopowder used in material it gives crystalline form to object.

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