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Nanoparticles assembling

How to Assemble ?
Template-Assisted Assembly
Aqueous dispersion of colloidal PS or silica particles are assembled on a solid surfacepatterned with relief structures.
Surfactant-Assisted Assembly
Assembly of CeO2 nanoparticles (5 nm) into hierarchically structured mesoporousmaterials using block copolymers
Charge-Driven Assembly
Assembly of negatively charged gold and silica nanoparticles into hollow microspheresdirected by positively charged poly(L-lysine).
Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles to Superlattices
Nanocrystals are able to assemble into close-packed ordered superlattices when there is narrow size distribution less than 5%, surfactant is strong enough to separate the individual nanocrystals, when slow drying rate is adopted so that the nanocrystals can move to suitable positions.

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