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Oxide based nanorods

Cobalt oxide nanorods can be prepared by simple chemical method. Nanostructured cobalt oxide has lots of applications in forelectronic devices, magnetic devices, sensing devices and in solar cell applications.
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanostructure
The reactants are dissolved (or placed) in water in a closed vessel, vessel is heated above boiling point using conventional or Micro Wave oven. This is useful for nanomaterials like oxides, layered oxides such as nanowires/tubes, C-nanotubesand s for making some elemental nanostructures.
Hydroxyapatite/Titanium Dioxide nanostructured thin films
Hydroxyapatite is a very good biocompatible material. It has the main mineral components of teeth and bone. But it has low mechanical strength so that its application is limited in load bearing conditions. In order to overcome this disadvantage of this good biocompatible material we introduce Titanium dioxide, which is also a good biomaterial. Titanium dioxide is a very strong and possess nice bioactive property. Combine both HA and TiO2 we will use the full advantages of the material.

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