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Nano silver particles for printable inks

Nano silver particles for printing

Nano silver particles are uniformly dispersed in polar or non-polar solvent as high solid content/high viscosity ink for new and conventional printing applications such as silk screen, gravure, flexography, micro contact printing and nanoimprinting. Printed fine electrodes offer bulk silver conductivity at flexible curing conditions. Nano silver particle offers excellent fine patterning with superior process capability having a wide range of curing temperature for plastics and glass. Conductivity is as low as bulk silver offering high conductivity even in microscale patterned electrode.
Nano silver particle is suitable for conventional and cutting-edge printing technologies like silk-screen, gravure, off-set and micro contact printing. Also it is used in the manufacture of plasma Display Panel electrodes, flexible printed circuit board, radio frequency identification, electromagnetic interference, solar cell, other flexible display and printed electronics.
Commercial products (Metalon® Conductive Inks)
Inkjet nano silver ink
Inkjet nano silver ink is mainly composed of nanoparticles dispersed in continuous solvent phase. With excellent conductivity at low sintering temperature, the ink can be printed on a variety of substrates such as paper, silicon, PI, PET and so on. The size of nanosilver particles ink is less than 10nm with homogeneous distribution. Hardly cause any clogging in the print head. High conductivity can be achieved with sintering temperature at 140°C for 5 to 10min.
Inkjet silver in water
This is an inkjettable, aqueous, nano-silver ink formulated for a broader variety of porous and non-porous substrates, such as plastic films, papers, glass, quartz, and even silicon. Additional curing with thermal or Pulse Forge equipment will further increase conductivity. This ink is suitable for piezo-style inkjet heads.
Screen-print silver inks in water is designed to produce conductive traces on substrates such as PET, glass, polyimide, and silicon.
Nano silver spray deposition in solvent makes up a stretchable, nano-silver, solvent based ink that retains conductivity with up to 100% elongation. This ink was formulated for polyethylene film, and is also compatible with other plastic substrates.

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